Pumpkin Center Church

                             Meacham township, Marion Co., IL


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Pumpkin Center Church


"According to Clarence Neal, the Pumpkin Center Church was near Booker School."

   (Information from Rena (Crain) O'Dell.)


 "The Keller Store is located on what is now known as Keller Corner where Charlie  and Josie Keller lived.  My Brother lives there now.  It  is at the intersection of Butts and Forbes Road on  today's maps. He said he remembers the abandon building  as a youngster and remembers going coon hunting with his Dad  and treeing coons under the old Pumpkin Center Church.  So  it would have been located about a quarter mile west of  Keller Corner on Butts Road.  There is nothing there now.  I think Brian Bassett farms the ground.   Pumpkin Center:  Carroll Crain, (my Dad) told me that Pumpkin Center was a  Church that was located about a quarter of a mile West of  Keller Store in Meacham Township."

   (Information from Julie (Crain) Green)


"The Kinmundy Express" - Feb. 4, 1926

"Lewis College" column: Bill Mahan attended Bible Reading at Pumpkin Center Sunday."


"The Kinmundy Express" - Jan. 27, 1927

"Camp Ground" column: "There was no Bible reading at Pumpkin Center Sunday."


"The Kinmundy Express" - March 10, 1927

"Camp Ground" column: "There were not very many at Pumpkin Center last week."


"The Kinmundy Express" - March 21, 1929

"Camp Ground" column: There will be church at Pumpkin Center the first Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday night of each month.  Bro. Oscar Correll will be the Minister in charge.  Everybody welcome."


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