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   We are looking for photos of people and/or places from around Kinmundy & Alma.  Can you help?

Or maybe you have stories or memories from the "Good Old Days"?  What do YOU remember?

        The Kinmundy Historical Society would be honored to preserve your memories and stories.  We also have the

equipment to scan (or copy) your photos so that they may be enjoyed now as well as for generations yet to come!

        We would love to hear from you!  For more information, please contact: 


   Dolores (Ford) Mobley – Dolores@ford-mobley.com

                       208 Joan Dr.; Divernon, IL  62530; (217) 625-7527



            Gladys (Corrie) See – gsee49@yahoo.com

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(FK-14) Charles and Belle (Blackburn) Keen family - 1910

Standing  in back row (L to R): John (who died in WWI), Marion (who went to Flint, Mich.), Eugene (who lived in Kinmundy),

                           and Daisy (who married Arthur Brimberry and lived in Kinmundy)

Front row: Alvin; Charles Keen, who is holding Frankie; Nellie (standing between her parents); Belle Blackburn Keen, who is holding Sally; Earl, and Maude. 

                           (Earl went to Flint; the twins died as infants; and Alvin, Maude and Nellie all died in Scott Co., MO)



Keen Brimberry Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-1) Eugene Keen & Cora (Brimberry) Coatney Keen – Dec. 1956




 (F-21) Eugene Keen & Cora (Brimberry) Coatney Keen                                                                 (F-22) Eugene Keen & Cora (Brimberry) Coatney Keen



Keen Brimberry Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-2) Children of Eugene and Cora (Brimberry) Keen:

Back row: Hazel (Keen) Geiler – 8 years; Christine (Keen) Followell – 10 years

Front row: Mable (Keen) Olden Jackson – 2 years; Eugene “George” Keen – 6 years

(not pictured: Cecil Keen and Martha (Keen) Hall


Keen Brimberry Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-3) Eugene Keen & Cora (Brimberry) Keen with great-grandson, Clayton Keen (Jan. 1962)


Keen Brimberry Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-4) 4 Generations - Beryl Keen (dad), Eugene Keen (great-grandfather),

Clayton Keen (baby), and George Keen (grandfather) - Jan. 1962



Keen Brimberry Kinmundy Illinois

       (FK-5) Mr. and Mrs. George Keen with grandson, Clayton Keen - Jan. 1962



Keen Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-6) Butch, Beryl, Donnie and George Keen


Keen Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-7) Butch, Beryl, Donnie and George Keen - 1983



(K-24) Cora (Brimberry) Coatney Keen with her daughters:

Standing: Christine (Keen) Followell, Mable (Keen) Olden Jackson, Martha "Mat" (Keen) Hall and Hazel (Keen) Geiler.

Seated: Cora (Brimberry) Coatney Keen and Dora (Coatney) Jenkins




Kenley Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-8) Neal and Mary Kenley who pastured the Kinmundy Christian Church in the 1960’s and 1970’s



Kennedy Kinmundy

(FK-9) Alice Kennedy; Sept. 1, 1886; Age 2;

Daughter of D.W. and Laura Kennedy



                               (FK-10) Blanche and Jim Kennedy - 1917



Mary Margaret Kennedy

              (FK-12) Mary Margaret Kennedy


Kline Kinmundy Illinois

(FK-13) Merle and Peggy Kline – 50th wedding anniversary – 1986

Back row: Barbara, Kline, Bobbi Reiter, Robert Kasza, Keith Smith, Merle Kline, Peggy Kline, Linda Kline, Debbie Kline, Scott Kline, Dawn Kline, Kelly Kline

Middle row: Gary Kline holding Josh Kline, Gayle Kline Kaszo, Susan Smith, John Kline, Brian Kline holding Chase Kline, James Kline

Front row: Danny Kasza, Jeret Smith, Jon Wesley Kline, Stephen Kline




               (FK-15)                                                Mary (Gramley) Hensley Kniseley                    (FK-16)



(FK-17) Mary (Gramley) Hensley Kniseley and Martha Hensley



Lane Kinmundy Illinois

(FL-1a) Easter Sunday 1962: Lane family: Dick Lane, Paul and Leta Lane, Joyce Lane



Lane Kinmundy Illinois

(FL-2a) Oct. 28, 1968 – 50th Anniversary

Standing: Barbara Ball, Paul Lane, Robert Lane, Phyllis See             

Front: Earlie and Lottie Lane



Laswell Alma Illinois  

Dr. & Stella Laswell



(FL-23) John J. Logue holding Zetta Logue, and his wife Essie (Butts) Logue holding Ernie "Jim" Logue


Lowe Doolen Kinmundy

(FL-5) Lenora Doolen & Charles Lowe - 1930


Lowe Doolen Kinmundy

(FL-6) Lenora (Doolen) Lowe & Charles Lowe – Dec. 1970



Livesay Kinmundy

(FL-7a) Virgil Livesay & Hazel (Garrett) Livesay family

Top row: Mike Gammon, Kenny Gammon, Charlotte Gammon, Dean Livesay, Dale Ragland, Delores Buts, Rex Butts, Fred Gammon

Middle row: Regina (Livesay) Washburn, David Washburn, Clara Muehlhausen, Connie Livesay, Darrell Livesay, Irene (Livesay) Gammon, Ann Gammon,

Margaret Ragland, Shannon Gammon holding Ian Gammon, Tim Gammon

Bottom row: Megan Washburn holding Sean Gammon, Emily Washburn, Ryan Washburn, Matt Gammon



Lowe Kinmundy 

(FL-8a) The home of Charles W. Lowe, Sr.; about 1 mile east of where John Jones lived in 2005


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-9a) Charles Lowe standing in front of his father’s (Willie Lowe)’s 1925 Ford

Bought new.  White tent.  Side luggage carrier.



Lowe Kinmundy 

(FL-10) Agnes (Morgan) Lowe & Cecil Lowe                                          (FL-22) Rev. Cecil Lowe & Agnes (Morgan) Lowe (50th Anniversary)



Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-11a) Charles W. Lowe Sr. (72 years old) and Edith Ann (Jones) Lowe (66 years old

Parents of Sam, Cecil, Willie, Elsie Doolen, and Ethel Robb


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-12a) Charles Wesley Lowe & Eda Ann (Jones) Lowe family

Back Row: Frank & Ganetta

Front Row: Willie, Eda Ann (Jones) Lowe, Elsie, Charles Wesley Lowe Sr., Ethel



Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-13) Willie Lowe, Elma (Lowe) Jones, Grace (Arnold) Lowe



Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-14) Willie and Grace Lowe, Ivy Lowe


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-15) Sam Lowe & Cecil Lowe


(FL-16) Ivy Lowe & Charles Lowe


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-17) Charles Lowe


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-18) Ethel (Lowe) Robb & Elsie (Lowe) Doolen


Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-19) William Lowe, Elsie Doolen, Sam Lowe, Cecil Lowe



Lowe Kinmundy

(FL-20) Sam & Pearl Lowe – 50th anniversary – Dec. 1979



 (FL-21) Rosalyn (Lowe) Uphold with her parents, Lenora (Doolen) Lowe and Charles Lowe



Marlow Kinmundy

(FM-1) The Annual Marlow Family Reunion  - 1974



(FM-14) Willie Martin & Allie (Jones) Thomas Martin



(FM-18) Elizabeth Mathews taken in front of the Mathews-Elston house



 (FM-17b) Tom B. McCartan




McCarty Kinmundy

(FM-2a) McCarty cousins – April 2007

Back row: Sam Fehrenbacher, Ralph Petit, L.R. “Jerry” McCarty

Standing: Loretta Folkert, Phyllis Kincaid, Kenny McCarty, Helen Hammond, Larry McCarty, Tom Fehrenbacher, Jerry McCarty

Kneeling: Darrell “Jake” McCarty, Wayne McCarty, Paul McCarty



McCully Kinmundy

(FM-3) Dot McCulley, John William McCulley, and Thurman McCulley with rabbit catch


McElyea Kinmundy

Beryle (Painter) McElyea

Mother of Agnes Tate

Lillian Beryle Agusta



McElyea Kinmundy

(FM-5) Agnes McElyea (4) and Carrie McElyea (3)


Granville McHatton & Jennie (Hall) McHatton family

(FM-15) Granville McHatton & Jennie (Hall) McHatton family

(Granville and Jennie are in the middle of the second row)



(FM-6) Donald, Frances, Albert & Martha Meyer



Mizeur family

(FM-12) Joannes Constantienus Mizeur family from Houwaart, Belgium (Photo taken in Kinmundy in about 1880)
Front standing: Mary Barbara, b. 28 Dec 1874 - Kinmundy, IL, d. 10 Dec 1929 - Shelby Co., Pana, IL.
Seated left to right: Peter Simon; Constantienus; Henry on mothers knee, b. 10 Dec 1929 - Kinmundy, IL,  d. 26 May 1916 - Pana, IL;

and Juliana (VanEmelen) Mizeur
Standing in back left to right: Lewis, Charles, Frank, John


This family came to this country from Belgium in 1872-3.  They lived West of Kinmundy on 40 acres until about 1884-85.

After Julianne's death they moved to the Pana area .


Mendenhall Kinmundy

(FM-7a) Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the enlistment of Edward G. Mendenhall  (Sept. 7, 1861 - 1911)



Morgan family

(FM-14) Morgan family

Top row: Eli E. Morgan*, Wesley H. Morgan*, G. Monroe Nichols, Jonathan R. Nichols, S. Isabel Nichols

2nd row: Mary H. (Mrs. John) Morgan, J. Benjamin Morgan

3rd row: Cora D. (Mrs. Wesley) Morgan holding Rose Morgan, M. Elizabeth Morgan (Mrs. Jonathan) Nichols*, Clara A. (Mrs. Eli) Morgan holding Irene M. Morgan,

John B. Morgan* holding Eli M. Nichols

4th row: Mary Morgan, Helen Morgan (with hair ribbon)

Bottom row: Genevieve Morgan, Edna I. Morgan, Edith L. Morgan, Frances Nichols, C. Maurice Morgan, M. Virginia Nichols

(4 of the 9 children of Benjamin Arnold Morgan, who came from George, and Isabelle Foster Morgan.  Her father was Hardy Foster, first settler in Foster Twp.)



Mulvany Kinmundy

(FM-9a) Clarence Mulvany family - Dec. 1941

Clarence Mulvany, Ernie Mulvany, Art Mulvany, Lee Holmes, Leroy Holmes (baby), Ethel Holmes,

Ralph Mulvany, Joe Brimberry, Mary Brimberry (toddler), Minnie Brimberry (holding Everett Brimberry),

Helen Corrie, Harold Mulvany, Rena Mulvany, Everett Corrie



Mulvany Kinmundy

(FM-11a) Ernie Mulvany, Ethel Holmes, Minnie Brimberry, Helen Corrie, and Art Mulvaney - Aug. 1985



Nelms Kinmundy

(FN-1) Johnnie Nelms and daughter, Lois (married John Robb)



(FN-2) Nichols family

Back row: Isabell, Eli, and Virgie

Middle: Grandpa Nichols, Eli W. Monroe, Grandma Nichols

Front: Aunt Frankie



(FN-3) At Grandpa Nichols in Salem starting home with Virgie (Nichols) Garrett, Rada (Garrett) Caldwell Ford,

Tom Garrett and Lorene (Garrett) Bender - 1915


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